There are plenty of fun Easter crafts that kids can enjoy!

Here are some fun ideas we enjoy doing this time of year:

  1. Easter egg decorating: Kids can paint or dye Easter eggs using various colors and designs. You can also provide stickers, markers, or glitter to add more creativity.

  2. Bunny masks: Using paper plates, kids can make bunny masks by cutting out eye holes, adding ears and whiskers, and decorating them with paint or markers.

  3. Easter wreaths: Kids can make Easter wreaths by cutting out colorful construction paper or foam and gluing them together in a circular shape. You can also add Easter-themed decorations such as eggs, bunnies, and flowers.

  4. Easter baskets: Kids can create their own Easter baskets by decorating plain baskets with markers, stickers, or paint. They can also add ribbons, bows, and Easter grass to complete the look.

  5. Bunny ears headband: Using pipe cleaners and construction paper, kids can make their own bunny ears headband to wear during Easter. They can add pom-poms, feathers, or other decorations to make them unique.

  6. Easter-themed origami: Kids can make Easter-themed origami such as bunnies, eggs, and flowers. There are plenty of easy-to-follow instructions available online.

  7. Easter chick finger puppets: Kids can create finger puppets using felt or construction paper and decorate them like cute little Easter chicks.

  8. Easter bonnets: Kids can create their own Easter bonnets using hats, flowers, ribbons, and other decorations. They can also add eggs or bunnies to make them even more festive.

Here are a couple of craft stores The Stanbra Team highly recommends in the Palm Beach and Jupiter area:

Craft Haus Palm Beach

Hammer & Stain

Remember to have fun and let your child’s imagination run wild when it comes to Easter crafts!


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