Now is the time for hurricane and emergency readiness.

Living in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens Florida has many benefits.  Sun and surf with a small-town feel, but with easy access to larger, busier cities.  There really is mass appeal for life in the Palm Beaches area.  Perhaps the only caveat to living here, is hurricane season.  The Stanbra Home Team is here to help you be prepared before the 2021 season arrives.

Hurricane Season 2021

2020 saw 30 named storms in the Atlantic basin.  Forecasts from Colorado State and N.C. State Universities’ meteorological teams are calling for an above average season.  Last year was record-breaking for the number of named storms.  Though experts expect that this year will be above the average of 14, they also believe that it will not be as active as last year.  The official NOAA forecast will be released in late May, and the official season begins June 1.  Now is the time to mark off the items on your hurricane checklist.

COVID-19 Regulations Regarding Hurricane Season Preparedness

No matter where you live, it is important to understand COVID-19 regulations in and outside your area.  Stay abreast of guidelines for hotels regarding occupancy standards and pet policies and understand that your efforts to evacuate could be hampered by any extenuating guidelines per state, county, city, and business.

1. Perform an Insurance Audit

Speak with your insurance agent to make certain that your policies are paid up, and that coverage remains active.  A yearly homeowners insurance policy audit will ensure that you have the coverage required, should your home incur damage during a storm.  You are not obligated by the state of Florida to have windstorm insurance, but it might be a stipulation of your mortgage company.  It could be recommended, or even required, to have a windstorm policy outside of your homeowners insurance policy.  The same goes for flood insurance.  Not every home is required to have flood insurance, but since about 1/5 of the flood claims in the state come from low to moderate flood risk areas, it too, is recommended.  Have printed copies of all your insurance policies.

2. Keep Important Documents Safe

Keep all important documents in a safe.  Deeds, insurance policies, passports, birth certificates, and any other valuable document should be in safe keeping at all times, but especially when impending storms are a concern.  If you evacuate, take these documents with you.

3. Fortify Your Home & Yard

You can strengthen your home before a storm ever hits by trimming trees and making sure you have the proper materials to cover your windows when a storm is imminent.  If a storm is on the forecast, cover your windows, secure your doors, and put away all loose yard items, like outdoor furniture and children’s toys.

4. Create an Evacuation Plan

Know all the local evacuation routes and identify evacuation shelters in your area.  The Jupiter Florida area has two designated emergency shelters.  One or both shelters might be open during any given storm or other emergency event. Keep a bag of essential supplies, like prescription and OTC medications, toiletries, water, and small, non-perishable food items.  Make sure you have foods that are safe for anyone in your family, who suffers from food allergies, diabetes, or has any special dietary needs.  If you have pets, be sure to have what will be required for their evacuation, including collars with ID tags, leashes, medications, fresh water, and food.

  • Click here for storm information and evacuation routes.
  • Click here for emergency shelter locations.
  • Click here for Palm Beach County pet evacuation information and pet-friendly shelter locations.

5. Check on Your Neighbors

Be sure to make contact with close neighbors, so you know their plans for weathering the storm or evacuating.  This is especially important if you have any neighbors, who might require assistance, due to age or physical limitations.  Help them gather supplies, prepare their homes, and evacuate if necessary.

Disaster Supplies and at-home Preparedness

If evacuation is not required, and you will remain at home during a storm, follow these preparedness guidelines.

  • Fill your bathtub(s) with water for emergent, non-consumption needs, like washing your hands or flushing toilets.
  • Have plenty of bottled drinking water.
  • If you have a generator, keep extra gasoline on-hand.
  • Have flashlights ready and extra batteries in good supply.
  • Keep a cache of candles, matches, and lighters.
  • Have lots of anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Put together or purchase a complete first aid kit.

Click here to visit the CDC’s emergency preparedness website for a complete list of essentials.

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