3 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Get Your Ducks In A Row!

Before you even meet with a real estate professional, get organized! Starter gathering your important property documents such as your deed, title policy, HOA/Condo Documents, and mortgage payoff. This paperwork is key for both you, your realtor, and potential buyers!

Also consider including contact information for maintenance companies and vendors such as landscaper, pool service, pest control services, etc. Simply organize copies of these documents into a binder folder and leave on a counter or table in your home. Your organization will reflect well and buyers will appreciate this information upfront!


Get In Tip Top Shape!

Make sure your home has a clean bill of health. Consider doing a pre-listing inspection before your home hits the market. This doesn’t mean a full blown inspection; just a quick once over to check the key aspects of your home such as the roof, HVAC, plumbing and electric. This will give you peace of mind knowing no surprises will come up during the key inspection period.

Most resale properties will have normal wear and tear. Often times these items can be addressed with a quick coat of paint, and a little TLC! To get top dollar for your home, we often recommend taking the time to address any obvious defects that may cause the potential buyer to think twice about making an offer your home. Perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to get your home “show ready” is a deep clean! Roll up your sleeves and clean baby clean! Whether using sweat equity or hiring a professional cleaning service, coordinate with your realtor to schedule professional photos once complete. Now your home is picture perfect!


Depersonalize + Declutter!

As beautiful as those family portraits are, the new potential buyers want to envision their own family pictures in the master bedroom, not yours! The main goal is to neutralize and depersonalize the space. This allows potential buyers to envision themselves and their family living in the home. Start this process with decluttering!

Your moving right? Why not get a head start on packing up? Pick up moving boxes at your nearest Home Depot and start boxing up your personal items. Use your garage to stack these boxes up, that way the interior of your home is decluttered and show ready. If you have pets and children, consider choosing a few of their favorite every day toys and packing up the rest. Kids will quickly forget (and probably won’t even notice) their toys are missing. It will be a great surprise to have them back once your settled into your new home. *Mom Tip- consider wrapping up their old toys in gift wrap and presenting them as new gifts!


Get your Instant Home Value…