Hey Palm Beach Pals, It’s Turkey Time!

As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s turn to the wisdom of our Palm Beach style guru, Alexis Cordisco. With her signature easy-breezy elegance, she advises, “Darlings, make your feast a feast for the eyes too, but keep the table fuss-free. It’s all about the company and the turkey, right?”

  1. Beach-Chic Centerpieces: Simple Yet Sophisticated

Sweep in that seaside charm with centerpieces that whisper “Palm Beach.” Seashells, a hint of driftwood, and a splash of ocean hues will make your guests ooh and aah without the clutter. Find your centerpiece inspiration at The Palm Beach Post’s latest on holiday shopping.

  1. Tropical Tabletops: Effortlessly Chic

Picture this: turquoise plates, coral napkins, and those seagrass placemats. It’s like a gentle wave of color washing over your Thanksgiving table—Cordisco style. Curate your tropical tabletop with finds from The Palm Beaches’ ultimate shopping itinerary.

  1. Palm Perfection: Understated Elegance

Nothing says Palm Beach like our lush palm fronds. Weave them into your decor with some autumn leaves for a look that’s so ‘us’. Celebrate the season with these holiday happenings.

  1. Citrus Sparkle: Vibrantly Simple

Let’s not forget our citrus! A bowl of lemons brighter than the Florida sun can be your centerpiece. You can practically smell the zest, can’t you? Add a slice of Palm Beach to your decor with items from The Well Appointed House.

  1. Nautical but Nice: A Touch of the Ocean

Nautical vibes? Yes, please! A few well-chosen pieces like a model sailboat can tie the whole breezy theme together. Anchor your theme with this charming Palm Beach Christmas Golf Cart Watercolor Ornament.

  1. Al Fresco Flair: Palm Beach’s Finest

If you’re dining under the stars, keep it cozy with plush cushions and twinkling lanterns. Let the outside beauty complement your Thanksgiving without making it too complicated. Elevate your holiday decor with tips from Downtown PBG.

Wrap-Up: Keep It Simple, Keep It Palm Beach

Remember Alexis’s golden rule: “Keep it simple! The focus should be on the food, not the decor. Go all out with decorating your dishes and garnishes! But, be mindful to steer clear of random items that will clutter up your table. Consider the height; you wouldn’t want to accidentally knock anything over while passing the gravy, especially not candles. So, let your culinary creations shine, and create a Thanksgiving table that’s as delightful to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.” This sage advice from Alexis serves as a reminder that the true art of Thanksgiving is in creating a space that celebrates the food and the shared experience of the holiday.

Fellow beach lovers, let’s embrace the holiday spirit with an approach that’s laid-back yet luxurious, much like the Palm Beach lifestyle we adore. After all, we’re all about those chill vibes and stunning views (and if you’re looking for a view to call your own, check out the listings at The Stanbra Team). This Thanksgiving, let’s make our holiday tables a reflection of our beautiful coastline: effortlessly beautiful, inviting, and always in style.